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    2. Each year MIA runs a rendering workshop that is a combination of presentations, site visits and group discussions to foster learning and knowledge sharing. The workshop spans four days and is usually held in September or October.


      Subjects covered in the workshop include

      - raw materials

      - mechanical separation

      - cooking and raw material size reduction equipment

      - environmental controls

      - factors affecting validated time and temperature

      - principles of HACCP

      - conditions affecting MBM quality

      - market requirements

      - effect of yield on profitability

      - hygienic rendering

      - energy recovery

      - steam maintenance and control

      - tallow production

      - odour control


      A workshop innovation award is part of the workshop, and a sponsored dinner is held.


      There are a number of sponsorship opportunities available. Interested sponsors are invited to contact Richard McColl.


      If you are interested in attending the next rendering workshop, please contact either Richard McColl?or Beverley Dixon.



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