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      The Meat Industry Association of New Zealand (Incorporated) (MIA) is seeking applications from persons wishing to be considered for Halal slaughtering roles during the 2021/2022 meat processing
      season. Successful candidates will ultimately be employed by members of MIA.

      Applicants MUST be:

      • Legally entitled to be in New Zealand.
      • Be competent in English language.
      • Practising Muslims* ideally with knowledge of Halal slaughter methods.
      • Prepared to undertake training.
      • Physically and medically fit.
      • Reliable and hard working.
      • Prepared and able to travel to rural regions within New Zealand for work.

      MIA can apply for a work visa for suitable applicants who are already in New Zealand.

      For further information please refer to: https://mia.co.nz/what-we-do/trade/halal/

      Interviews will be held at the following locations AND ARE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY:

      ? Auckland (10th August 2021)
      ? Wellington (12 August 2021)
      ? Hamilton (17th August 2021)
      ? Christchurch (19th August 2021)
      ? Palmerston North (23rd August 2021)
      ? Dunedin (25th August 2021)
      ? Napier (26th August 2021)

      To request an application form, please write or email to:

      Halal Recruitment
      Meat Industry Association
      PO Box 345
      Wellington 6140

      E-mail: halal@mia.co.nz

      Applications close three working days before the interview date in each city.

      *Regulations issued by the Ministry of Primary Industries requires a halal slaughterer to be
      a practising Muslim (Animal Products Notice: General Export Requirements for Halal
      Material & Halal Animal Products)


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