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    2. If you are interested in a career in the red meat industry, you can apply to join the Meat?Industry Association Scholarship programme.

      MIA awards both undergraduate scholarships, providing $5,000 a year for each year of study, and post-graduate scholarships of $10,000 for each year of study. They are aimed at students considering a future in New Zealand’s red meat processing industry. MIA also runs a mentoring programme for its scholars, including networking and educational events.??

      The following scholars are being supported in the 2022 academic year.? Follow the links to find out more about them and their studies.

      Current scholars


      Grant Angus sq

      Chloe Lennox sq?

      Emma Yorke pic?

      Angus Grant (2022)

      Bachelor of Commerce (Agriculture) with Professional Accounting

      Chloe Lennox (2022)?

      Bachelor of Agribusiness and Food Marketing majoring in supply chain management

      Emma Yorke (2022)?

      Bachelor of Agriculture Science




      Josh Tatham picsq?

      Lily Brankin picsq?

      Molly Goodisson picsq?

      Josh Tatham (2022)

      Bachelor of Marketing and Agricultural Innovation

      Lily Brankin (2022)

      Bachelor of Commerce (Agriculture)

      Molly Goodisson (2022)

      Bachelor of Science (Honours)




      Nika Schroeder picsq?

      Megan Ross web pic?

      Joelle Gatenby web high res pic?

      Nicola Schroeder (2022)

      Bachelor of Agribusiness and Food Marketing majoring in Supply Chain Management

      Megan Ross?(2021-2022)

      Bachelor of Food Technology (Honours) majoring in food process engineering


      Joelle Gatenby?(2021-2022)

      Bachelor of?Agribusiness and Food Marketing





      ?Joe Ward Pic web

      Grace M web

      Dominic Morrison pic2???

      Joe Ward (2021-2022)

      Bachelor?of Commerce with?a?double major in finance?and strategy and marketing and entrepreneurship.

      Grace Macdonald?(2020-2022)

      Masters in Management of Agribusiness

      Dominic Morrison?(2021-2022))

      Bachelor of Commerce (economics and law)

      ? ? ?
      ?Hennie Pienaar Alliance Lorneville Oct 2020 008

      Jack Coakley pic

      Tully Paterson web pic 2?

      Hennie Pienaar?(2021-2022)

      PhD?on the subject of ‘Managing Musculoskeletal injuries in the?meat processing?industry’.

      Jack Coakley (2021-2022)

      Bachelor of Commerce (accounting and finance).

      Tully Paterson?(2021-2022)

      Law, Politics and Anthropology

      ? ? ?
      Edwin Wills 0003? Jack Monckton 0002? Tessa Strang 0001?

      Edwin Wills?(2020-2022)

      Bachelor of Agribusinss (Farm Management)

      Jack Moncton?(2020-2022)

      Business (Finance & Accounting)

      Tessa Strang (2020-2022)

      Bachelor of Agribusiness and Food Marketing

      ? ? ?
      Ella Zwagerman web 0002? Thomas Sum 0001 sq? Thomas Walshe pic 2sq?

      Ella Zwagerman?(2020-2022)

      Bachelor of Science in Food and Nutrition

      Thomas Sun (2020-2022)

      Bachelor of Food Technology with Honours

      Thomas Walshe?(2019-2022)

      Bachelor of Veterinary Science

      ? ? ?

      Former scholars

      Ben Schilt web

      Harriet Watson 0002

      Haley La Franco pic

      Ben Schilt (2019-2020)

      Master of Environmental Management

      Harriet Watson (2019-2020)

      Bachelor of Agribusiness and Food Marketing

      Haley La Franco?(2021)

      Master of Food Safety and Quality

      Nelson Harper web

      Todd Fortune web pic

      Teegan Cosgrove 0001

      Nelson Harper?(2021)

      Bachelor of Engineering (chemical and bioprocess)

      Todd Fortune?(2021)

      Master of Design Enterprise

      A copy of Todd's thesis is available on the?Otago Polytechnic Website

      Tegan Cosgrove (2019-2021)

      Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) with a major in Mechatronics

      Holly Phillips 0002

      ?Valencia Ngadi 0003 sq ?Sam Pike 0002 sq

      Holly Philips?(2020-2021)

      PhD entiled 'Forages for Fat'

      ?Valencia Ngadi (2020)

      Food Technoloty

      ?Sam Pike (2018-2020)

      Masters of Animal Science and Agriculture

      The following people have also been through the MIA Scholarship programme since the scholarships were introduced in 2018:

      Imogen Brankin 2020 - B.AgScience (Honours)

      Joshua Kirk - 2019-2020 - B.AgScience

      Kelly Ngan - 2019 - Bahelor Food Process Engineering

      Lucy Hewitt - 2019 - Bachelor Agribusiness

      Siobhan Brophy - 2019 - Bachelor Business

      Dylan Kirk - 2018 - Bachelor Commerce

      Emma Subtil - 2018 - Bachelor Commerce

      Harrison Bowman - 2018-2019 - Masters Agribusiness

      Isabelle Coates - 2018-2019 - Masters Agribusiness

      Joni White - 2018 - B.Sc Honours, Biology

      Joshua Hunt - 2018-2019 - Masters Animal Science

      Luke Carman - 2018-2019 - Chemical and Process Engineering

      Melissa Alfrey - 2018-2019 - Bachelor Engineering

      Victoria Huh - 2018-2019 - Human Resource Management




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