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    2. The Pledge

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      Biosecurity is crucial to protect New Zealand from pests and diseases that could cause substantial harm to our environment, economy, and the health, social and cultural wellbeing of our people.

      New Zealand’s biosecurity system operates by preventing the entry of pests and diseases to New Zealand, rapidly responding if an incursion does occur, and mitigating the long-term impact of those that become established.

      Encouraging proactive biosecurity behaviours across New Zealand businesses is an important part of building a biosecurity team of all New Zealanders and importantly, strengthening the biosecurity system.

      The Biosecurity Business Pledge (the Pledge) was created by business for business with the initial campaign being led by a group of key primary sector associations including Dairy Companies Association of New Zealand, Meat Industry Association and Horticulture New Zealand. The Pledge was launched in October 2019 by the Minister for Biosecurity, Hon Damien O’Connor.? The associations have been key to driving membership and developing the framework for working together.

      The founding aim has been to take a more proactive approach to biosecurity by improving the partnership between government and businesses, to help prevent unnecessary costs and disruptions for New Zealand businesses and the wider New Zealand economy. The outcomes of working together include a stronger biosecurity system through shared learnings that accelerate business biosecurity practices.

      The Pledge is being promoted as part of the Ko Tātou This Is Us www.thisisus.nz?movement. It emphasises the importance of proactive biosecurity management for all New Zealand businesses in both their own business operations and risk management.

      For more information about the Biosecurity Business Pledge visit the website: www.thisisus.nz/biosecuritybusinesspledge/

      Who can join?

      The Pledge is for private sector businesses and associations wanting to make a genuine commitment to improving biosecurity management in their businesses.?

      Online registration is a key call to action - and you can register here?www.thisisus.nz/biosecuritybusinesspledge/how-to-join

      Upcoming events?

      Next Webinar and insight session

      The next webinar will be on 9 December and a meeting appointment will be sent out shortly. Debbie Teale who led the Pledge Insights Report will talk through the review, her insights and recommendations. If you would like an invitation to this webinar, contact.

      Biosecurity Business Pledge Insights Report?- by Debbie Teale

      For all queries, please contact?kimberly.crewther@dcanz.com, or Jo Darby:?jo.darby@mpi.govt.nz


      2021 - August Update

      2021 - October update

      2021 - November update


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